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Paul at Eddie's Bar - 1993  

In 1993 Paul Di'anno who was passing through Portugal stopped at Eddie's Bar. Philippe Landreaud a fan since the beginning, member of the NOTB magazine, team captured the reunion between Manu et Paul during an improvised photo shoot.
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During his stay in the Algarve, Paul also met Steve and they therefore, of course, took advantage by taking a trip down memory lane over a couple of beers. To note that the leather wrist bands that Paul wore while playing in Iron Maiden are kept in Eddie's Bar (Manu has attached them to the roof).

Paul and Manu - 1996  

Reunion and promo - 1999

Le groupe au Eddie's Bar - cliquez pour agrandir

Shortly after anouncing their reunion, Iron Maiden took a break in Portugal between April and June 1999 before creating the album "Brave New World".

A disused aeroplane hangar in the outskirts of Faro was rented for he occasion. The members of the group had made Eddie's Bar their HQ.

We find the remains of their presence on the walls of the bar and in many photo frames which are displayed, hiding much graffiti.

A photo shoot was taken around this time not far from the Estoi Palace, these photos were then used for the promo.

Estoi 1999 Estoi 1999

Estoi 1999

Estoi 1999 Bruce Steve 1999 - Eddie's Bar

Tourist spots of the algarve ...  

Fan Club Convention - 2001  

In October/November 2001 the English Fan Club organised a series of touring conventions : 8 European cities (Dudley, Brighton, Francfort, Helmond, Paris, Milan, Madrid et Faro).

During these conventions the fans had the privilege to see a drum show by Nicko Mc Brain and a concert of the cover band Hi-On Maiden and the participation of other members of the group on certain dates.

The last stage of this tour took place at Faro Moto Club on 16th November 2001 (Manu was one of the bosses), at the end of the day only the members of the fan club could finish the night in Eddie's Bar
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Paul at Eddie's Bar - 2004  

Paul Di'anno was giving a gig at Faro, on 16th July 2004, as part of the 23rd International Bikers Festival organised by the Faro MC.

Quite naturally, he took this opportunity to drop by and say hello to his good old mate Manu at the Eddie's Bar.

Pavilhão Atlântico - Lisbon (Portugal) 16th June 2005

On 16th June 2005 night, Iron Maiden dedicated "Remember Tomorrow" to the memory of Manu in a very emotive and special moment during the live gig in Portugal at Lisbon's, Pavilhão Atlântico .

"A Matter Of Life And Death" Pre-listening party - August 2006

Steve Harris has decided to open again Eddie's Bar doors, his mythical pub dedicated to Iron Maiden, located in the South of Portugal which remained closed since the death of his friend Manu Da Silva on May 2005, who was the landlord since the bar was created in 1989.

To help him in this hard task, West Ham United supporter bass player, asked to childhood friends to join him. This guys are familiar faces to the Iron Maiden fans. The news landlords are in fact Dave Sullivan and Terry Rance, the two first guitarists from the very first 1975 line up and Jeff Daniels one of the very first roadie of the band (You could find them interviewed in ‘The History of Iron Maiden, Part. 1: Early Days' documentary DVD released in 2004).

To celebrate the event Steve Harris, who was on holiday in Portugal with his family, made an amazing present to the fistfull of fans who were at the bar on Saturday August 26th by taking off his short pocket the brand new album A Matter Of Life And Death for a unexpected private pre-listening party on the bar sound system speakers. A big surprise for the lucky ones who went at the bar on this summer night. No doubt that they went to bed with an happy smile on their face and had many sweets dreams.


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