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La visite de ... (photos part VII)  

"Cathar Maiden" pilgrimage

Eddie's Bar

In the middle of August, I started a new
On my fourth Maiden pilgrimage leading me to
The southern most part of Portugal the Great
Country of seafarers and Eurocup-state
2700 kilometers IS quite far
But ey, for that I'll get a drink in Eddie's Bar !

I drove with my car all through France and through Spain
Until I reached Loulé, where I was to remain
For the next fourteen days I'd booked a hotel
Overseeing a park, with a pool there as well.

The people in Loulé, I noticed it fast
Where friendly and open-minded to guests
Obrigado (thank you) and por favor (please)
Were only my first words in Portuguese !
This little town had delightful small ruas
Paved with old cobblestones, and azulejas
On the walls of the houses. My eyes could not stop
To take in the beauty of each garden, each shop.

But let me no longer babble on about this
I know you're all eager and telling me "Please
Proceed to the reason you came to Loulé !"
Okay, let's proceed then, I'll tell you my story.

To the east of Loulé lies a pleasant small place
Called Santa Barbara de Nexe where these days
Dozens of villas sparkle white in the sun
Most tourists are English, into whom I have run.
In the Rua de Loulé I'm parking my car
At last, here I am standing at Eddie's Bar !

An imposing large house it is, over the door
Hangs a sign showing our Eddie and more
Eddies yet (from Killers and Trooper Ed too)
Are proudly depicted on the entrance for you.
Okay, now let's enter and see what´s inside
In awe I open the door on this very first night.

The place is not huge, it is cozy and dark
But the treasures you find there, to look at and hark !
Maiden videos from two TVs are welcoming me
And other good music (like Sabbath and AC/DC)
Is also here played, it's the best place to spend
Some time with a beer, listening to our band !

Six bunks are erected along the two walls
And a pool table stands in the middle for all
To play and enjoy this game at which Steve
(I have read in an interview) really is chief !

The bar at the center of this great hide-out
Is decorated with memorabilia hanging about
Backstage passes, stickers and look at the ceiling !
There are suspended some fans' bras with feeling

It's impossible to tire of looking around
At every inch, a new highlight is found -
old pictures of Trust, signed pictures with Steve
and T-shirts and posters and, would you believe
Two huge Sarcophagi from the Powerslave tour
Are protecting the bar from evil that men do I'm sure.
Inside a casket lies Eddie, quite dead is he
And the Maiden guys are telling him cheerfully :

A great advice, I wish he'd heeded the call
For cigarettes are bad, whether you're big or small
All this looking around got my throat very dry
I return to the bar and I decide to try
Out this tap beer, Sagres Imperial - sounds great
And tastes just as wonderful to my palate !  


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